Monday, 15 March 2010

What Does BioMedical Engineers Do?

May Peace Be Upon You.

I just got back from Birmingham. Been there to watch All England Open. It was really fun to see Datuk Lee Chong Wei won! And it is an honour to cheer for him as well.

Anyway, sorry guys. I know I haven't update my blog for a few days. Today I should write a new entry. But it seems really impossible to write in my condition right. Haven't got enough sleep for the past couple of days. I'm really tired. So, I just can't be bothered. ^_^


Biomedical Engineer? Have you guys ever heard that before? I copied and pasted these from BME group in Facebook. Remember guys, 'copy and paste'. This is not the usual thing I generally do. LOL!

Anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy~


You Know You're a Biomedical Engineer When…:

* Patients can't live without us, Doctors as well :)

* Doctors run In hospitals, We RUN hospitals!

* A Mechanical Engineer studies motion, A Biomed cares for a Safe motion

* A Civil Engineer links columns, a Biomed links bones

* An Electrical Engineer design regulators, A Biomed design pacemakers: the regulators of your heart beats

* A Computer Engineer process Digital computer signals, a Biomed decipher the brain complex bio-signals

* A Telecommunications Engineer develop telephony systems ("Connecting People"), a Biomedical Engineer develop telesurgery systems that prevent Doctors, in high precision surgeries, from "Collecting People"!

* A Chemical Engineer drills to take fuel out and circulate it in polluting machineries, A Biomed pierces to take out tumors and keep your blood circulating in a healthier body

* A Nuclear Engineer can explode a whole city and waste healthy people's life, a Biomed can explode the tiny stone and make suffering patients enjoy their life

* An Agricultural Engineer design water irrigation systems to the soil, a Biomed design fluid irrigation systems in your tissue

* An Architect design buildings and statues, a Biomed design Bio-Robots

* You can Date Spouses from any Major, you have the Global knowledge and Studied all Majors already =PP

* You studied Human Physiology, and enjoyed it to the MAX!!!

It's hard to get rid of us. We live inside you, through Biomaterials. ^_^

* While We capture a Medical Image for you, you don't have to "Say Cheese" because X-Rays show all your teeth and more :P

* With X-Rays, We can "take out" your bones and you still alive!

* With MRI, We control your Resonance!

* With Ultrasound, We can know whether your baby who's kicking hard in his mother's womb is a future football player, or a pretty girl who will kick the arse of guys (Biomeds not included)

* With Biomedical Instrumentations, we build a circuit:
We get a bio-signal from you (though you don't know what does it mean),
We Amplify it (you should practice giving more powerful signals next time, if not still ok),
We process it (hey you can relax and go back home),
We decode and display it so others can further analyze the data We translated

Summary: We know Body Language! (Btw you don't have to be a Belly Dancer :D)

As you guys can see, I bold three points  in above section. Guess why? ^_^

I'm Anoz


ihsan_huhu said...

u can scan, u can xray, u can read minds whatsoever

we physio will touch them wahahahaha

thesweetlittlecat said...

bestnye tgk datuk lcw life.. kite tgk tv jerk

amel said...

because u fucking wrote it yourself. i'm in the group as well. i saw your post in the discussion tab. xx

~ h a n i m h u s i n ~ said...


anoz tipu =p

Syida Shukor said...

bestnya dapat tengok datuk lee chong wei !

zaizax said...

go go lee chong wei !

why should u bold 3 point tu anoz ? ahhaa..
nwy biomedical engineering, sound interesting

blueCITY® said...


leh ajar saya electrical ni
saya kerja bidang electrikal
study elektronik


jom kapel..



joegrimjow said...

nak cakap biomedic power la tu?

~umai~ said...

smua bdg ada tugasnye tersendri n smuanye penting..
btw,besnye dpt tgk match c.wei scra live..=)

deqyalalink said...

ape yg ko tulis sume betull..aku agree

Norashikin Abdullah said...

woa..sudah blik..tgk datuk lcw lg

zacharias said...

good one esan,

tengok saja, tak boleh sentuh

ibarat orang bujang tengok porno.. haha

and i thought it should be what do engineers do.. or is it what does engineers do.. wei, cuba pakai spellcheck tengok

Syida Shukor said...

macam susah jaa !

laskarmentari said...

aku (bakal doctor, inshaAllah) gelak gile baca post ni...=p lol

aNoZ said...

ihsan: physio sentuh bahagian luar2 je oke. haha

littlecat: x pe. nnt kat malaysia, gi la tgk live. heee

amel: lol! u got it right. x

hanim: haha... betul laa.. part mana tipu??

syida: hehe... best gak lah..

zai: sbb i wrote it myself. hehe.. cool x?

bluecity: haha.. nak kapel? malu lah! sbb org tu dah kerja beso. haha

joe: haha... power gak la. huahuahua

umai: yup.. sy setuju dgn argument itu. hehe

deqya: haha.. betul pada 1 prespektif. due2 pun penting...

ekyn: yeah. itu sbb ku pergi jauh. =)

zach: haha.. kau punya analogi mcm ape aje. haha

syida: hmmm.. ssh tu x ley kata ape la. hoho

najwa: asal gelak aje? haha... shoot kepala doktor2 yg statement awal skali tu. stuju x? haha

assyuhada said...

sekali lagi tersebut,"ouh biomedic engine rupenye bro nh..."
btw...i'm looking 4 all infos bout biomedic..thanx a lot!
~saya yg buntu lg ttg engineering~

schzarsen virus said...

ko bold semua tu sbb ko nak kawen :P

schzarsen virus said...

ko bold semua tu sbb ko nak kawen :P

ihsan_huhu said...

bahagian dalam2 mcm organ2 tuh nk watpe sentuh

gile fetish pelik r ko nih

~aslizaahmad~ said...

hi! i'm also taking biomedical engineering! but i'm CPO wanna be!! :D