Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Guard Your Success


I choose to be active and not hesitant or inert; that need not be in physical terms only. I choose to work day by day. To sweat both mentally and physically and then wash and start all over again.

The reason for making this choice is onefold.

We should work hard because if every person worked hard, humanity would become more self-aware and efficient and it would develop more rapidly towards the dreams of its people and could perhaps approach closer to the answers of humanities major questions. Doing nothing renders no thing.

But this kind of work ethic may only be followed genuinely by those who do so by realising its very genuine, benevolent reasons and purposes.

The ignorant shall remain ignorant. The malicious shall remain malicious. The fraudster shall remain a fraudster.

Unfortunately, the work ethic itself can be and is being followed in a destructive sense. By those whose vision is to built their empires with ashes taken from their victims dreams and hopes.

The sky is it's limits, with the moon as it's guide. No one could ever predict how high one could soar. With the hard work put in, to truly become a champion!


Aku Anoz


muhammadthoriq said...

congratz browwww!!!
bile nak open table ni? hehe..

tieykah said...

Love to read you writing bro